AS/NZS 61439 Information

B&R 61439

Information provided by B&R regarding the AS/NZS 61439 compliance standard in effect as of 2021.

What is AS/NZS 61439?

AS/NZS 61439 is the new series of standards for low-voltage (LV) switchgear and control gear assemblies. The standard series is an adoption of the IEC 61439 series, with variations to include Australian and New Zealand conditions. Parts 1 and 2 of the standard are addressed in this document, covering general rules, how the standard applies to power switchgear and control gear assemblies, and how any changes will affect relevant parties.

What is AS/NZS 61439 Replacing?

AS/NZS 61439 series replaces the AS/NZS 3439 series, which has been in place since 2002. AS/NZS 61439 series consists of six parts, including a Specifiers Guide in Part 0, General Rules in Part 1, and Power Switchgear and Control Gear Assemblies in Part 2.

When does AS/NZS 61439 Come Into Effect?

AS/NZS 61439 will supercede AS/NZS 3439 in 2021. There is a 5 year transitional period beginning after the standard was introduced in May, 2016. The transition allows Manufacturers time to transition to full compliance with the new standard. Until that time, switchboards can be compliant according to AS/NZS 3439 or AS/NZS 61439.

61439 Flyer

A one page summary of key points, changes and how it will affect customers.

61439 Information Paper

A brochure outlining what it is, key test information, impact on manufacturers, assemblers and end users as well as how B&R has created conforming solutions.

What does 61439 mean for switchboard assemblers?