Fixed Lid Control Station

The Ex e explosion protected, fixed lid pushbutton control station, is rated to IP66 and is pre-configured or custom built for ease of installation one

Product Information


The pushbutton control station is made from 316 stainless steel and is suitable for use in hazardous areas with the most demanding conditions and are suitable for Zones 1&2, 21&22 applications where flammable liquids, gases & vapours or combustible dusts are frequently present.

This range of enclosures are designed to house to house terminals, electrical equipment and cable terminations in areas classified hazardous by the presence of flammable liquids, gases and vapours or combustible dusts.

Suitable for application across many industries where reliability and safety are of the highest priority such including offshore, mining and metal refining, marine, oil & gas, petrochemical and manufacturing.


  • Customised etched identification label
  • Screwed lid with stainless steel fixings
  • Mounting flanges
  • 3mm stainless steel gland plate
  • Available pre-configured or customer built for ease of installation from one to six operators.
  • Certified control operators
  • Silicon gasket available on request for IP65 and IP66 only.
  • Specially designed gutter system.

Technical Information

  • Protection Ratings
    Ex e IIC T6 Gb
    Ex nA IIC T6 Gc
    Ex de IIC T6 Gb
    Ex tD A21/22 T80ºC
    DIP A21/22 Ta80ºC
    Ex t IIIC T80ºC Db
  • Ambient Temperature
  • -20ºC ~ +40ºC / 55ºC option
  • Range
  • TBS/CBS Series


  • Stainless steel cover fixings
  • Mounting flanges
  • Earth strap kit
  • Laser etched certification label
  • 2 x M20 bottom clearance holes, 1 entry fitted with certified plastic plug


  • Manufactured from 1.5mm 316 stainless steel with N4 surface finish.
  • Gasket material EDPM black
  • 316 stainless steel fixings


Order Guide


Catalogue No.Height (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)DescriptionEnquiry
CSS1P1GRN11290901NO+1NC, Start, GreenEnquiry
CSS1P1RED11290901NO+1NC, Stop, RedEnquiry
CSS1P3MH11290901NO+1NC, emergency stop self-lockingEnquiry
CSS1P211290901NO+1NC, double button, Stop-StartEnquiry
CSS1P411290901NO+1NC, mushroom head button, BlackEnquiry
CSS2PGPR15990901NO+1NC, 2 pushbuttons Green/RedEnquiry
CSS3PGPRPB20590901NO+1NC, 3 pushbuttons Green/Red/BlackEnquiry
Catalogue No.Height (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)DescriptionEnquiry
CSS2P1GRNLR15990901NO+1NC, Start, lamp, RedEnquiry
CSS2P1REDLR15990901NO+1NC, Stop, lamp, RedEnquiry
CSS2P1GRNLG15990901NO+1NC, Start, lamp, GreenEnquiry
CSS2P1REDLG15990901NO+1NC, Stop, lamp, GreenEnquiry
CSS2P2GRNLY15990901NO+1NC, Start, lamp, YellowEnquiry
CSS2P1REDLY15990901NO+1NC, Stop, lamp, YellowEnquiry
CSS2P1GRNLB15990901NO+1NC, Start, lamp, BlueEnquiry
CSS2P1REDLB15990901NO+1NC, Stop, lamp, BlueEnquiry
CSS2P1GRNLW15990901NO+1NC, Start, lamp, WhiteEnquiry
CSS2P1REDLW15990901NO+1NC, Stop, lamp, WhiteEnquiry
Catalogue No.Height (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)DescriptionEnquiry
CSS3PGPRLR20590901NO+1NC, 2 pushbuttons Green/Red, lamp RedEnquiry
CSS3PGPRLG20590901NO+1NC, 2 pushbuttons Green/Red, lamp GreenEnquiry
CSS3PGPRLY20590901NO+1NC, 2 pushbuttons Green/Red, lamp YellowEnquiry
CSS3PGPRLB20590901NO+1NC, 2 pushbuttons Green/Red, lamp BlueEnquiry
CSS3PGPRLW20590901NO+1NC, 2 pushbuttons Green/Red, lamp WhiteEnquiry
CSS3P2P3MHLR20590902NC, double pushbutton Red, emergency lamp RedEnquiry
CSS3P2P3MHLG20590902NC, double pushbutton Red, emergency lamp GreenEnquiry
CSS3P2P3MHLY20590902NC, double pushbutton Red, emergency lamp YellowEnquiry
CSS3P2P3MHLB20590902NC, double pushbutton Red, emergency lamp BlueEnquiry
CSS3P2P3MHLW20590902NC, double pushbutton Red, emergency lamp WhiteEnquiry
Catalogue No.Height (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)DescriptionEnquiry
CSS1LR1129090AC24~240V, single lamp, RedEnquiry
CSS1LG1129090AC24~240V, single lamp, GreenEnquiry
CSS1LY1129090AC24~240V, single lamp, YellowEnquiry
CSS1LB1129090AC24~240V, single lamp, BlueEnquiry
CSS1LW1129090AC24~240V, single lamp, WhiteEnquiry
Catalogue No.Height (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)DescriptionEnquiry
CSS2P2LR15990901NO+1NC, AC24~240V, double pushbutton, lamp RedEnquiry
CSS2P2LG1599090NO+1NC, AC24~240V, double pushbutton, lamp GreenEnquiry
CSS2P2LY15990901NO+1NC, AC24~240V, double pushbutton, lamp YellowEnquiry
CSS2P2LB15990901NO+1NC, AC24~240V, double pushbutton, lamp BlueEnquiry
CSS2P2LW15990901NO+1NC, AC24~240V, double pushbutton, lamp WhiteEnquiry
Catalogue No.Height (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)DescriptionEnquiry
CSS1K61129090Small handle, Ø39mmEnquiry
CSS2S61599090Large handle, Ø60mmEnquiry
CSS2S6H415990902NO+2NC, LL 0Enquiry