COVID-19 Information for suppliers and customers

B&R Enclosures is monitoring the evolving situation in relation to COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

The health and safety of our customers and staff is a priority. We are taking an active and progressive approach in order to mitigate risk to our staff, our customers and the community while continuing to support the economic well-being of our Australian workforce and the local economy.

Our planned and proactive response includes the following measures:

Production Contingency Planning   

B&R comprises a wide range and geographic spread of manufacturing and distribution facilities, particularly in Australia, and we are well placed to guarantee supply. We have manufacturing sites in Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney as well as distribution points and offices in Townsville, Newcastle, Melbourne and Perth.

We are well setup to manage issues with COVID-19 on-site. Our manufacturing and distribution areas are managed in small teams so that in the event of a diagnosis we can quickly and effectively isolate those members, and move work to another work area. Existing cross-skilling will enable any teams' responsibilities to be managed by others on site.

We have similar manufacturing equipment, materials and skills in multiple locations and in the event of a major site contamination, production and distribution would be managed by other sites.

Product Supply                           

B&R maintains ample capacity  and we are ready to meet market demand and respond to our customers' needs. B&R's local manufacturing capabilities and the position of the Australian dollar mean that our continued competitiveness is assured.

B&R's stock holdings are healthy and although we are not anticipating shortages, as part of our contingency planning, alternative supply arrangements are being prepared for both raw materials and imported components.

As the COVID-19 issue has been developing, our team has been busy keeping up to date with our supply partners to both bolster our stock holdings as well as avoid price increases wherever possible. Supply chain shortages are a real risk and we intend keeping our customers up-to-date.

The capacity in all of the three Australian manufacturing sites (Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide) is being ramped up to deal with potential market demand as a result of disruptions in other supply channels.

Cancelled Non-essential Events and Travel   

All non-business and non-critical travel has been cancelled for B&R employees world-wide including tradeshows and conferences. External site visits by B&R personnel have been restricted in line with government guidelines.

Social Distancing and Working Remotely   

B&R is maintaining work-places in line with relevant government and health agency advice. Social distancing procedures are in place at all sites including meetings and lunch-rooms. We are supporting work-from-home arrangements, especially for employees in effected or high-risk areas.

Elevated Hygiene Practices   

We continue to maintain the highest hygiene and cleaning practices throughout our facilities. We have implemented thorough cleaning and sanitising procedures for all work stations and shared work areas. Signage, training and products as well as other methods of supporting good hygiene behaviours have been put in place. Site visitations including couriers are closely monitored and visitors are encouraged to bring their own stationery.