Saudi Aramco Approval for B&R Gulf

Saudi Aramco Approval Granted to B&R Gulf

B&R Enclosures Group is pleased to announce that B&R Gulf is now a ‘Saudi Aramco Approved Local Company’ under the IKTVA (In-Kingdom Total Value Add) initiative through the Saudi Arabian Government and Saudi Aramco.

Approval follows the successful inspection of the B&R Gulf facilities and capabilities at the Dammam factory by Saudi Aramco "P&CSD" and "VID" departments in October 2020. 

The supplier approval will enable B&R Gulf to act as a local vendor as well as local manufacturing facility to supply goods on Saudi Aramco projects. B&R Gulf's Saudi Aramco Vendor ID is 10066707 and the Manufacturing Plant ID is 30009151. B&R Gulf is already approved under three (3) product categories of the Saudi Aramco 9COM series and further category approvals are in process.

B&R Gulf is approved to supply indoor cabinets, outdoor IP66 (NEMA 4X) cabinets, as well as explosion proof (Exd, Exe, Exn) junction boxes, local control stations, distribution boards (as per IECEx scheme) from our local factory in Dammam.

B&R Gulf’s Dammam factory is IECEx approved for local manufacture, assembly, FAT and supply of explosion proof products. Electrical and instrumentation integration is also available.

By using products manufactured by B&R Gulf, the contractors, system integrators and clients will be able to achieve the required IKTVA score on Saudi Aramco projects – a distinct advantage.

In addition, this facility can supply products for projects under ADNOC (Abu Dhabi) and Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) where B&R is already approved by end users.

B&R Gulf is well-placed to manufacture and supply products into Bahrain and Kuwait due to logistical advantages, close vicinity to the market and the prestige of having the Saudi Aramco approval.

Download B&R Gulf's supplier approval information.